mac & cheese with hidden veggies

This recipe is so delicious and will definitely satisfy those pasta cravings. When I make these sort of dishes for my family I am always finding ways to include some extra hidden veggies. This pasta dish was a total success – my family does not like capsicum however did not even know it was in their meal, along with the carrots and because the onion was not in small pieces the girls didn’t pick it out – Yay!!

For this recipe you will need to prep a few veggies beforehand.

First off you will need

  • 1 capsicum cut in half
  • 1 onion cut into quarters
  • 1 clove garlic cut in half
  • sprinkle of coconut sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • drizzle EVO

Place the veggies on a tray, sprinkle the sugar, salt & oil over the top and bake in the oven for around 30 minutes @ 180 degrees (fan forced) or until your veggies are soft.

Next peel and boil 2 (medium – large sized) carrots for around the same time or until soft and cooked well. At the same time cook off some pasta I used 350g of spirals. Make sure you add some salt & oil to your water when cooking the pasta. Once the pasta and carrots are cooked drain them off.

Now place the following ingredients into a food processor/blender

  • 2 cooked carrots
  • 1 baked capsicum
  • 1 baked onion
  • 1 baked glove of garlic
  • 1 cup mylk (I used @oatly)
  • 1/3 cup cashew butter
  • 1/4 cup nutritional yeast
  • 2 teaspoon seeded mustard.

Blend all the ingredients together until it looks like a sauce. It should be smooth and not chunky. Place the pasta back into a large saucepan/wok and stir through the sauce mixture on a medium heat. Add some spinach or kale and stir until the sauce thickens a little.

Now you’re done! Take your pasta off the heat and enjoy this with some salt & pepper. If you like you can top it with your favourite vegan cheese or more nutritional yeast.

This is so yummy and importantly for me – with fussy eaters it includes 4 veggies that are hidden in the sauce! The girls also like this with broccoli and corn to mix it up a little.

Tip: If you want to re heat this pasta just add a little boiling water and stir through. It will come up creamy and delicious!

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Amanda x

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