Crunching Quiona Granola

Making Granola is so simple and so delicious. You can add it to your breakfast bowl sprinkle it on top of smoothies or use it on top of fresh fruit with yoghurt this one will add a great crunchy texture too. This Granola will not only add a great crunchy layer to your food it is fantastic in adding protein into your diet and is gluten free. Quinoa is usually known for making great salads or a replacement for rice however I love using it in sweets too. With quiona having so many health benefits like containing small amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, being naturally high in dietary fibre and a slow digested carbohydrate it is a great low GI option and a great choice for vegans as it also contains all nine essential amino acids. Make sure you tag socialsweetseeds for your favourite way to eat this yummy granola.



  • 1 1/2 cups washed quiona
  • 1 cup chopped mixed nuts
  • 1/4 cup sunflower seeds / pumpkin seeds
  • 1/4 cup buckwheat
  • 1/2 cup shredded coconut
  • 6 chopped apricots / dates
  • 1 teaspoon allspice
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/3 cup coconut oil
  • 1/3 cup tahini
  • 1/3 cup rice malt syrup

Mix all these ingredients together in a bowl then spread along a grease proof lined baking pan. Place into the oven at 140 degree for 20 minutes, mixing it around a couple of times. Then turn the oven down to a low temperature around 80 degree and bake for another 30 minutes or until the granola is crunchy and crumbly.

This will keep in an air tight container for a couple of months in the fridge or in a cold area in your pantry out of the sun – if it lasts that long!  Enjoy….

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